We Create Environments for People to Succeed

Live the Life You’ve Imagined

At Discrete Designs, our role is to create a space that allows people to live creatively and freely. Our philosophy is reimagining the space you’re in. What are its constraints? What hinders or limits you? We solve those everyday design dilemmas through remodeling or redesign services customized to your space, goals, and intentions. We create space for our clients to grow into, not out of.

Meet Jessica Soldner 

Jessica grew up on a hobby farm in Cold Spring. She spent her days in the fields with her horses, dogs, and cats sketching and daydreaming. After living in multiple cities she has returned to her roots and now lives in a historic home in the city with the love of her life and their 4 beautiful children.

As a certified general contractor and interior designer with over 10 years of experience, Jessica is passionate about individuals and their living environment. She’s always been compelled to see beyond what’s in front of her in terms of space and design. She credits her inner genius – her ability to daydream – for the drive and curiosity that led to her career and business. She’s a believer that great design has the ability to transform your life.

When she’s not on a job site or pouring over sketches of a current design inspiration she can be found spending time supporting her family or recharging through travel, practicing yoga and meditation, and driving with an audiobook or the music turned up.

Imagine starting your day in a space you love. That’s what I help people create.

Ready to get started? Let us complete your vision.