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Spaces Made Smarter

We approach remodeling in a big picture sense. We take stock of the physical space and its layout. We note the unique characteristics of what you love as well as the elements you wish to change or modify. Remodeling is about reimagining; it’s more than a simple facelift of existing styles or layout.

Starting with an initial consultation, Jessica and her team watch homeowners as they move through their spaces in fluid motion and observe body language carefully. How people physically react to space is inherent to what surrounds them in a home. Are there parameters that restrict movement? Are shared spaces too tight for productivity and downtime alike? Does the mere thought of hosting or orchestrating a large event induce stress?

After watching and listening Discrete Designs is able to create a customized proposal listing out the next steps on how they can help you overcome the obstacles getting in the way of your ultimate desire for space that empowers and encourages living your best life. 

In a world filled with endless possibilities, there is no question if you're making the right choice, Discrete Designs will turn your uncertainty into excitement.

Ready to get started? Let us complete your vision.